• Corporate Charitable Giving

    "The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation." - Miriam Beard

    What is corporate philanthropy?

    Corporate philanthropy is a key component of a corporation's broader social responsibility and includes cash gifts, product donations and employee volunteerism. It serves as a major link between the corporation and the communities it serves.

    What benefits does corporate philanthropy provide?

    Corporate philanthropy can benefit companies in a number of ways:

    Benefits to the business:

    • Enhances corporate reputation
    • Improves relations with government, the community, and key stakeholder groups
    • Supports a company's strategic business goals
    • Enhances brand recognition
    • Attracts better employees and increases retention
    • Helps create healthier communities for business viability
    • Increases employee and customer loyalty
    • Strengthens relationships with customers, clients, and vendors
    • Provides human and capital resources to nonprofit organizations that may be helping employees and their families

    Benefits to stakeholders (employees, management team, shareholders, etc.):

    • Builds employee morale and engagement
    • Develops future workforce contributing to a sustainable company
    • Provides employee/management training and skill building (e.g. project and time-management, leadership opportunities, teamwork activities, etc.)
    • Increases understanding of co-workers and appreciation for diversity
    • Enlarges sense of community and social obligation
    • Encourages appreciation for contributions from all levels within the organization
    • Increases pride and responsibility

    Benefits to the community (local and global):

    • Improves quality of life for community members
    • Provides human and capital resources to nonprofit organizations that may be helping employees and their families
    • Assists in alleviating community social issues
    • Enhances the impact of monetary contributions directed into the community
    • Creates healthier communities

    Source: http://www.creatingloyalty.com

    For more information

    For more information on corporate charitable giving, please email or call St. John's Foundation at (217) 544-6464, ext. 45160.

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