• Recession-Proof Giving Ideas

    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - St. Francis of Assisi

    The Time Is Now

    If there was ever a time to be inspired to take action, now is that time. That's because the needs of our community continue, and your quick response will help us meet their important needs.

    Remember, it doesn't take much—in fact, just a little—to help a lot. And that's what your charitable donation will do now.

    Here are charitable gifts that can support our mission today-or tomorrow. During these financially unsteady times, we hope you'll consider these options that help you while you help others. Depending on which gift you decide to make, you could minimize your taxes, reduce the tax burden for your heirs and fund important programs that further our mission.

    1. Bequest
    2. Future gift of a life insurance policy
    3. Future gift of retirement plan assets
    4. Future gift of real estate
    5. Establish charitable trust for the future

    For more information

    For more information on recession-proof giving ideas, please email or call St. John's Foundation at (217) 544-6464, ext. 45160.

    * The information contained in this website is for informational purposes. You should seek advice from your personal legal or tax advisor to determine your individual tax benefits.